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3rd Dimension Media is a Louisiana business, that’s mission is Visually Communicate business’s ideas . We provide 3D Solutions in order to help increase sales, support marketing, and to help train your employees, in the form of technical animations, industrial animations, 3d renderings, and much more. Take a look at our 3D Animations page to see the following examples of the following:

  • Downhole tool Animations
  • Fluid Dynamics Animations
  • Drilling Animations
  • Valve Animations
  • Product Animations
  • Architectural Animations
  • Concept Animations

Oil & Gas 3D Animations | Energy 3D Animations | Technical 3D Animations | 3D Animations for Sales and Marketing | 3D Rendering | Architectural Visualizations | 3D Animations for Training | Trade Show 3D Animations. The 3D animations often provide the viewer with an easy-to-understand visualization to very complex industry hardware, technology and processes. We specialize in taking your products or concepts, and transforming them into fantastic 3D Animations using our technical skill, specialized 3D software, and harnessing the power of our render farm.

Drilling Mill Rendering

Why 3D Animation?

3D Animations are a series of 3d rendered  images translated in 3 axis (3 dimensions).  3D Animations may be common in VFX for movies or feature films, but they are also used in telling a story about your products.  Their usefulness has translated into the Trade Show scene, to help tell a story about companies products, concepts, ideas.  Using a 3D visualization, we can take a cad drawing, or actually 3D model your concept, and put it into an easy-to-understand 3D animation or 3d rendering.

Therefore, technical animations work great for the industrial sector using industrial animations (including oil & gas, manufacturing, and product design) We service Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and all across the United States. Some benefits include, taking a product and animating exploded views, inserting descriptions, showing how the industrial product works, and stressing its capabilities.  All of this without sending a film crew, therefore eliminating costs.  3D Rendering is a lower cost solution than hiring a company to shoot video in not all, but most cases.

3rd Dimension Media has worked on concepts to be shown in company presentations,  helping clients sell their ideas, and explain the benefits of their products. 3D animation comes in very handy, showing not only how the pieces are made, but how they are assembled, how they will work, and gives an in depth look at the capabilities.

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Your products are the focus of your story, 3D Animations help deliver the message. Providing 3D Rendering | Technical Animations | Industrial Animations | Product Animations | Interactive Solutions